We train you for success. As a UPN architect you will have extensive knowledge in urban planning that will enable you to transform living spaces, residential centres, cities and population centres into urban areas that can be enjoyed.

Graduate Profile

You will design all types of buildings, human settlements and public and private urban spaces.

You will learn how to build under the highest standards of cutting-edge design while complying with regulations.

You will recognize the bioclimatic, landscape and topographical conditions for each region.

You will represent and model your projects in 2D and 3D.

You will manage projects in your area of specialization and will have the skills to create, plan, manage, monitor and evaluate them.

You will design highly complex projects in new and constructed contexts.

You will execute works by using technologies in innovative, environmental, construction, structural, urban and urban-related architectural systems.

You will know and respect the various forms of cultural, architectural and environmental expression.

You will identify, research and create solutions to urban architecture issues.

You will act with ethics and social responsibility; you will learn about urban development law and work in compliance with current construction standards.

These are some of the places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a graduate in Architecture and Urban Planning:

  • Construction companies.
  • Private companies dedicated to architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, urban planning and real estate management.
  • Companies devoted to the comprehensive architectural design of interior spaces, structures and facilities.
  • Companies devoted to urban, interior, furniture, garden and landscape design.
  • Government-owned companies.
  • Architecture, urban design, planning, and construction departments in the private sector.
  • Architecture, urban design, planning, and construction departments in state agencies and NGOs.
  • Universities and research institutes.
  • As a freelance architect with your own design firm.