Educational Model

Our Educational Model is based on the educational philosophy that explains the basic and important elements with which we want to achieve our mission.

The model consists of general skills, educational principles guiding the work of the student, principles underlying the pedagogical model and their interrelation with aspects of a philosophical (in terms of values), psychological (in terms of the student), pedagogical (in terms of the professor) and sociocultural (in terms of society) nature.

The general skills are transversal skills that UPN seeks to include in all of its academic actions. UPN has seven general skills: teamwork, leadership, problem-solving ability, critical thinking, self-learning and social responsibility.

Our Pedagogical Model outlines how the three protagonists of our process should interrelate: professor, student and curriculum (knowledge and/or learning experiences). The questions “how to learn,” “what to learn” and “why to learn” arise from this interrelation, and are the guidelines for designing the teaching and learning methodology.

Our Pedagogical Principles are the foundation of our educational model. They enable us to define how we should implement the model and what actions and processes we should consider to achieve our goals.