We train you so that you can efficiently manage natural resources, metallic and nonmetallic minerals, hydrocarbons and groundwater. We prepare you for the analysis and solution of engineering, environmental and occupational-safety problems.

Graduate Profile

You will have solid scientific and technological knowledge to understand and develop geological engineering theories.

You will stand out for your innovation abilities in all scientific and technological aspects.

You will participate in the search for new mineral and hydrocarbon deposits, promoting sustainable mining.

You will plan, develop and coordinate geotechnical, geological and geophysical programs.

You will be an ethical, honest, responsible professional, aware of national and local issues.

You will analyze and map important data for the development of civil engineering, mining, petroleum and environmental management projects.

You will prepare recommendations and reports for the construction and implementation of engineering projects.

You will analyze and prepare stability and settlement reports for buildings, slopes, dams, hydroelectric works, bridges, tunnels and landfills.

You will assess the probability of natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides.

You will plan and develop experimental studies on mining exploration, mining evaluation and the mining industry.

These are some of the places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a UPN graduate in Geological Engineering:

  • Metallic and nonmetallic mining industries.
  • Hydrocarbon industries.
  • Companies specialized in geotechnics.
  • Companies in charge of water resources.
  • Companies in the environment, environmental geology and safety industries.
  • Ministry of the sector.
  • Institutes specialized in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, hydrology and energy.
  • Regional and local governments.