We help you become a professional with a global vision who generates solutions and improves processes in organizations with your knowledge of systems.

Graduate Profile

You will be capable of using software engineering in the development of innovative and cutting-edge technology applications to solve problems in science, industry, education, entertainment, health and daily life.

You will stand out for your ability to adapt to change, find business opportunities and successfully participate in the planning and execution of software-based solutions by integrating processes, information technologies and people.

You will offer solutions and improvements for organizational processes by applying the appropriate security policies, based on the rules and standards of the field.

You will be a professional with an extensive autonomous learning capacity that stays current on cutting-edge topics, is committed to the social and economic development of your community, and respects people and the environment.

These are some of the places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a UPN graduate in Computer Systems Engineering:

  • Public and private companies with the following departments: Information Technology, Information Security or Information Technology Projects.
  • Design, systems and software engineering companies.
  • Mobile technology, internet, video games and information security companies.
  • Specialized consultancy in information technology solutions.
  • Owner of your own technology-based business.
  • Information technology and information security departments.