Degree Program Profile

You will have the ability to transform, manage, plan, implement, administer and monitor industrial projects that generate development for the country.

Graduate Profile

You will develop and manage agroindustrial production systems and integrated quality, environment and safety systems in agroindustrial companies.

You will stand out for your knowledge and skills in designing agroindustrial technologies. 

You will lead investment projects to expand agribusiness (food and non-food) at the national and international level. 

You will research new agroindustrial products, seeking new solutions to create value for businesses.

You will be proficient in production processes and will solve problems associated with economic production processes for primary goods in a skilled manner.

You will perform activities related to production, post-harvest handling and processing of food and non-food products.

These are some of the places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a UPN graduate in Agroindustrial Engineering:

  • National and international agroindustrial companies, control and quality management, production, research and development jobs.
  • Food and agro industries.
  • Companies that provide services to small, medium and large agribusinesses.
  • Laboratories for the analysis and composition of agroindustrial products.
  • Universities.
  • Research and development for public and private entities related to the agribusiness sector.
  • Public sector, institutes specialized in agribusiness.
  • Freelancer (consultant, advisor or the owner of your own company).
  • Research laboratories: Universities, food industries and agribusiness