Your training will be focused on managing, designing and producing high-quality audiovisual content, as you will learn how to develop your content creation potential to positively impact different audiences and media.

Graduate Profile

You will innovatively and efficiently lead, manage and develop audiovisual projects for different media.

You will generate scripts for audiovisual, digital and interactive production in different formats.

You will stand out for developing, producing and directing fiction films and documentaries in digital formats.

You will be able to lead audio, television and digital media productions since you will master the new technological image and sound tools.

You will be able to carry out digital and interactive projects for all types of audiences.

You will understand, respect and promote the value of cultural diversity and freedom of speech.

You will develop your teamwork skills.

These are some places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a UPN graduate in Audiovisual Communication for Digital Media.

  • Traditional and / or digital media.
  • Audiovisual production studios.
  • Post-production agencies.
  • Companies or agencies managing social media such as blogs, social networks and other interactive media.
  • Companies or agencies producing content in virtual environments and hypermedia.
  • Advertising agencies.
  • Cultural public and / or private institutions.
  • Independent business development manager in content production for digital and interactive media.