You will receive comprehensive training to become a leader capable of managing human, technological, material, process, economic and financial resources efficiently in order to meet the business goals set for you.

Graduate Profile

You will efficiently innovate, develop and manage administrative processes, human talent and financial resources.

You will generate business opportunities with high-quality management, a humanistic approach and a future-oriented vision.

You will prepare and assess business strategies to ensure their sustainability.

You will have the skills to lead quality-management processes.

You will stand out for your expertise in managing stock investments.

You will create value in business, public and civil-society organizations in a globalized context.

You will have the experience needed to manage and conduct your own business.

You will have a solid background in human resources, finance, marketing, logistics, operations, foreign trade and process management.

You will conduct scientific research with innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.

You will have teamwork skills and the capacity to assume challenges. 

Here are some of the places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a UPN graduate in Administration:

  • Organizations in the financial system: banking and financial institutions, pension fund administration companies (AFP, as abbreviated in Spanish) and insurance companies.
  • Companies in the trade sector: department stores and shopping centers.
  • Companies in the manufacturing sector: industry and agro-industry.
  • Companies in the tourism sector: hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and resorts.
  • Public sector companies: regional and local governments.
  • Mining companies
  • Logistics operators. Communications companies.
  • Educational institutions: schools, institutes, colleges and universities, among others.
  • Entrepreneurship: your own business.