If you have financial issues that could put your child's education at risk, our scholarship program will help you with a temporary and/or partial scholarship. This is a personal benefit; it is not transferable.

What requirements should I meet to access the scholarship program?

  • Complete all paperwork by the indicated dates and times.
  • Settle all outstanding debt.
  • Your child should have a weighted average of 14 or higher for the previous semester of studies.
  • Your child is required to have passed all courses the previous semester.
  • Demonstrate you have financial difficulties by submitting the documents referred to in Article 3.2 of the UPN Procedures and Scholarship Rules.
  • You should not receive any other UPN scholarship.

For how long will I receive financial aid?

You will receive financial aid for one semester. If you need a renewal, you must complete the appropriate process again by the established dates.

Do you accept applications beyond the established dates?

No late requests, that is to say, no applications submitted after the due date, will be accepted.

What documents are required for evaluation?

  • Scholarship application, which can be obtained from the Department of Student Affairs upon submission of proof of payment.
  • Salary slips and/or pension slips, severance slips, professional payment receipts and proof of other family income from parents or other people in charge of the household economy, as appropriate, for the last two months. Proof of income should include income from temporary jobs and be supported with an affidavit of personal income.
  • For owners of leased properties, updated lease agreements.
  • Proof of payment of studies of the student's siblings enrolled in other educational institutions. Proof of enrollment in the case of a state school or university.
  • Electricity, water, telephone, cable and internet bills for the last two months.
  • In the case of self-employed workers or business owners, a copy of the Income Tax Affidavit for the last two years, and in the case of business activity, the General Sales Tax (IGV) Declaration for the last three months and/or proof of payment under the Simplified Tax Regime, as appropriate.

When will the results be published?

They will be published prior to the enrollment process and reported through the Department of Student Affairs. If your child is awarded a scholarship, you must come in to sign his or her acceptance declaration.