We help you develop the ability to understand the behavior of economic agents in the market. You will learn to identify and manage business opportunities in a global environment, participating in economic decisions to ensure organizational success.

Graduate Profile

You will assume challenges and adapt to change in a framework of ethics and respect for people.

You will innovate, develop and efficiently manage significant data for international business in order to turn it into valuable information for decision-making. 

You will stand out for your ability to use information efficiently.

You will optimize the performance of companies and public and private organizations.

You will conduct effective analyses of the existing economic and financial interrelations in a global economy.

You will add value to companies by making smart decisions.

You will manage business operations, as well as the financing of exports and imports of goods and services, by applying the relevant customs rules.

You will be a responsible professional who adapts to change and provides ideas for business innovation in the international market.

You will have teamwork skills.

Here are some of the places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a UPN graduate in Economics and International Business:

  • Public sector companies.
  • Private sector companies.
  • As a freelancer (international business consultant).
  • As manager of your own business.