We help you develop a strategic vision for business in global markets, as you will learn to manage international operations efficiently and analyze foreign markets to find opportunities for business expansion.

Graduate Profile

You will be a strategic thinker in international business matters, capable of developing effective marketing plans in a global context.

You will stand out for your overall business culture, which will enable you to have a managerial vision at the international level.

You will prepare global strategic plans in the areas of international marketing, corporate finance and international logistics, among others.

You will conduct international market research.

Your analytical thinking will allow you to break down a complex situation by determining causes and effects in order to make sound decisions in a global context.

You will master assertive communication and teamwork.

You will be able to manage businesses with a global perspective.

Here are some of the places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a UPN graduate in Administration and International Business:

Companies that require global business management and administrative processes that involve the planning, organization, directing and control of brand strategies, human resources, financial resources, information channels and processes.