We help you develop the ability to successfully manage accounting information systems.

You will learn how to maintain proper administrative control of companies' financial resources and you will have the tools and knowledge required to carry out your financial strategies.

Graduate Profile

You will master the use of International Financial Reporting Standards, management-information cost techniques and tax law. 

You will plan, organize, execute and control the accounting operating process.

You will have the ability to explain a company´s economic and cash flow situation to Management based on financial information.

You will manage accounting information systems.

You will prepare tax information by determining the taxes to be paid and the formal obligations that must be complied with.

You will be responsible for tax planning.

You will advise Management based on effective information in order to improve business performance and build a competitive advantage.

You will participate in the design and implementation of an audit program for financial statements or business processes in order to assess their risks.

You will design and maintain the financial strategies that allow for decision-making in terms of investment, financing and working-capital management.

Here are some of the places in which you will be able to practice your profession as a UPN graduate in Accounting and Finance:

  • Audit firms.
  • International and transnational companies.
  • Companies from all economic sectors.
  • Public and private educational institutions.
  • Independent advisory and consultancy.