Academic Departments

Our academic departments are:


We offer courses that have a humanistic focus and will help our students develop the skills necessary to succeed as professionals in a global environment, contributing to the social and economic development of the country.

To reach this goal, we have qualified professors who encourage new undergraduates to get involved with different types of research, improve their communication strategies, and develop their critical-thinking skills to address a wide range of social problems.

Likewise, our professors are trained in the new virtual tools that are key to a quality education. This allows us to create attractive courses, not only on campus but also online, in a way that meets the demands of modern education.


We contribute to all UPN degree programs with courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Biology. We undertake this challenge by considering the great importance of science courses to obtaining an understanding of particular problems within each area of study, implementing problem-solving methodologies and approaching new, unknown situations.

Furthermore, we take into account the characteristics of 21st century undergraduate students, their preference for the use of technologies in learning, the unique profile of each degree program and the challenges that graduates will face in this highly competitive world.

We believe that academic success is the preamble to professional success. Therefore, we work non-stop to improve our teaching strategies, use of technology and the abilities of our professors. We want our students, as future professionals, to perform outstandingly in the global environment and contribute to social and economic development.